Blogger vs Wordpress and Monetizing Content

 Why should one host their blog on a blogger or on a paid account?

If you are good enough at hosting management, WordPress is an amazing platform. But hosting is really a pain in the neck, especially when you not only write blogs but keep giving a chance to other plugins. How can a person not give a chance while there are tons of amazing plugins to make WordPress work better? I am not one of them. 

Do you have a strong enough host solution?

Why at this very moment the hosting issue remains the key factor? Because what you do, what you publish, to whom you publish questions matter a lot. Well if you are a content monster and keep writing good stuff for your audience, and if you really have an audience, then standard hosting will not please you at all. Because that hosting solution should either be super fast or it is probably what makes you read this blog  😂

What makes Blogger the best at this point?

Well... Hosting solution is a vicious circle. As far as you are on a self-hosted WordPress site ( which means you use your own hosting) that means you keep tampering with plugins. And these plugins are like little apps you use on your mobile phones. These apps (aka: plugins) that help increase the potential and functionality of your website are so enticing that you can't stop without trying. But these little apps one by one start to eat your hosting limits. And if you are a WordPresser you probably are not a programmer either. That's why we need plugins. And you must have a really strong hosting. Considering you have enough budget for such a strong hosting solution, you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. Because this blog's talking about hosting solutions in general. Ass ı said at the beginning of this paragraph, for only content monetizing blogger is the best solution compared to WordPress. You'll never have hosting issues and with the new Google Domains service, you can own a perfect domain name for your blog. But you'll never be able to create the online project you dream of unless your dream is blogging (relative)

Blogger is only for content creators not for dreamers

If you dream about creating an audience with your posts and If you only monetize your content, and need a completely free solution, that's in the pocket,  Blogger would be the best and the fastest. But if you want a dream project, in that case, Blogger might not be helpful. Well, to be honest, depending on what you dream of, WordPress wouldn't be suitable either. But with plug-in options, you still have the chance to make a dream web site. And not many of us are programmers either. Keep it in mind; If you were a programmer, you probably wouldn't be a blogger. Because If you were a programmer you probably would have your own CMS and could be able to do any change on your website. ( relatively)

Why do programmers are not bloggers?

When ı mean a blogger, I mean those who try monetizing their content. And a programmer's job is not monetizing their content. It doesn't necessarily mean a programmer wouldn't be a blogger, but they probably wouldn't be bothering with monetizing their content considering the earning would never make them happy. :)  Programmers are making a good amount of money. But not with their content. There are probably bloggers who are both programmers and bloggers as well. If that's the case, some of them are making really good money. Because they are good enough at managing most of the hosting and programming issues on their blogs' scripts. 

Developer blogger - WordPress hosted packages

You are probably a developer blogger or a content monster like me. If you have a project you probably have less or more info about the programming world. There are too many ready-made scripts to help you achieve your dream website. And these dream website projects exist on hosting and the software itself. And depending on what you want to create is, of course, another discussion subject. There are tons of onboard script systems but most of them are niche systems to help you build your project. You can't change them if you are not a programmer. Or it costs you a lot to make changes to your software. So, considering what you want, you have tons of alternatives. 

Alternatively, only on paid packages, WordPress offers you powerful solutions where you can install plugins and get live customer support. I, myself, haven't tried one of these very expensive solutions on WordPress. but if I cant succeed with my ready-made script that's still in my mind as an option. So to cut it short. You either should forget about making a dream project or understand the difference between a dream project and a blog site. At this difference, there are tons of parameters. For the moment, if all you need is to become a content monster just become a proper blogger and stay on Blogger and give it time.

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