Why do we need to learn wordpress?

Why do we need to learn WordPress and be better at it?

learning WordPress can make you more professional

Wordpress is both an advanced and a basic platform that lets you make amazing websites depending on your WordPress skill levels.  And you can do most of the best without knowing any coding. It is even better if you know basic coding or more...  Wordpress is a platform that you can create any type of website you can imagine! Well... When it comes to 'imagining' and 'making a website' there are hundreds of parameters out there with different types of limitations.

What is WordPress And What 's a CMS? And What do software engineers think of WordPress?

I was not intending to touch on the software part of the things. Because this blog writing has nothing to do with software engineers. But to understand better what WordPress is, you should understand a little bit, what a software engineer is. A software engineer is a person with different levels of programming skills that can do anything their customers ask. They make different programs or websites with different programming languages. And WordPress is just one of them among many other content management systems.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress is one of a very famous content management systems. And us, as users, can say that a CMS is basically an interface that we have to get accustomed with. (like we are accustomed to Facebook or Tumblr or some other type of social media platforms). And WordPress is one the most supported and developed platform by software engineers that it can self-develop itself with integrable plugins to function as the users desire.

You can even make your own facebook ;) So, for us, instead of becoming a programmer, learning WordPress is an absolute solution depending on what you exactly want and depending on your WordPress skills and indirectly for your online existence. So, to keep it simpler, we can say that WordPress is basically a virtual place's manager where you keep your writings, your photos, your videos or anything you like... And that online existence is actually called hosting which is a completely different subject from what WordPress is but also where WordPress has existed on. All the websites need a hosting.

In theory; there is no difference between WordPress and other content management systems in the sight of visitors. All they see is simply a web page!

In practice; There are and there may be many differences depending on what CMS you like to use.

Consequently; what makes Wordpress different than the others is its popularity and being supported by many developers and by many plugins of course.

You can use WordPress for

1- A personal website where you write your blogs and can even make money out of your traffic.

2- A professional blog (static or dynamic) that represents your services or corporate online existence

3- A simple or little bit more complicated e-commerce site where you can sell your products. (this requires a very high level of WordPress knowledge)

4- Or for much more complex web platforms, like forums, community or even dating sites. (this also requires a very high level of WordPress knowledge)

For the cases above, we should learn Wordpress for a simple or more complicated online existence instead of learning programming. Or else 'learning programming' would be an example like learning a language and spend years for it just for one specific book you like to read in that language. In the end, learning prıogramming and considering there are many programming languages, may take you years to perfect it. And learning a very rare language just for reading a specific book would not be reasonable while there are real professional translators.

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