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Why do we need to learn wordpress?

Why do we need to learn WordPress and be better at it?
Wordpress is both an advanced and a basic platform that lets you make amazing websites depending on your WordPress skill levels.  And you can do most of the best without knowing any coding. It is even better if you know basic coding or more...  Wordpress is a platform that you can create any type of website you can imagine! Well... When it comes to 'imagining' and 'making a website' there are hundreds of parameters out there with different types of limitations.

What is WordPress And What 's a CMS? And What do software engineers think of WordPress?

I was not intending to touch on the software part of the things. Because this blog writing has nothing to do with software engineers. But to understand better what WordPress is, you should understand a little bit, what a software engineer is. A software engineer is a person with different levels of programming skills that can do anything their customers ask. They mak…

Why do we need to use Grammarly?

I am not having a bad intention or a bad mouth against Grammarly... What bothers me is the fact that we have to use it... But why do we do we have to use it? My shortest and clearest answer to 'why do we have to use it question'' would be: Nobody is that perfect when the question is writing! Writing perfect with every facade of it is nearly extremely difficult! Nobody is that sensitive nor care that much the punctuation, syntax, grammatical structures, or perfect spelling of the words.  Well, I don't mean we can't do it! Of course, we can! But when you write, you generally focus more on what you're writing rather than the grammatical structures of the sentences or spellings. That would slow you down anyway! I can't keep concentrating on my spelling or punctuation or whatever... I may simply need to write my story or whatever ı want about anything... I don't have editors working for me :)  But thanks to Grammarly you have an editor
Do you dare to Grammar…