Do you speak english or google translate it?

It is sorry that; even Google is not good at translating!

This is not what people expect from Google and they even make fun out of Google Translate's sentences :) Because, despite Google's probably doing its best with the most advanced information technologies, it is still not properly sufficient in some aspects. And the technology, in general, is good enough to substitute a machine instead of a person in many sectors and markets. But when the question is a Language; technology, computers, and programmes are not more than what you give! So nothing digital has a remarkable promise for the near future about a solution in translating sector.

Seemingly, Learning a language at a good level (or until your best) is an important qualification for an individual on earth today! The world is changing and it is the age of the internet. So why not learn a second language instead of trusting cyber thinking machines that are not good at thinking like a human being 'in language' skills. No matter what your native language, another language is a must! Especially English is the most commonly used foreign language.

English is one of the most commonly preferred languages by the foreigners whose native languages are different from one another, No need to argue about why the English language is so popular among the other non-English speakers. There might be many answers but, English is probably one of the most easily learned languages.

Its sentence structuring is definitely easier than other languages. Many of the European languages have more grammatical rules, conjugations, and more exceptions compared to English. If the question is communicating, the preferred language should be easy to imitate and let its users construct subsequent expressions and sentences easily, rather than coercing its users to learn more forms of the verbs and nouns with more conjugations.

in this article What meant is certainly not a comparison of a value of a language; Cause in the end; all the languages are the harmony of voices in the mind of its user that fall upon to the sounds of voices which we call 'words'

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